Planning for Pimlico

The main objective of the Pimlico Neighbourhood Forum is to develop a plan for how our area can develop. These pages show the various stages we have been through and the latest stage of the Plan.

SEPTEMBER 2016 – The first meeting of Pimlico Neighbourhood Forum (PNF)

EARLY 2017 – Consultation with residents’ groups

MARCH 2017 – Meeting of PNF and AGM to agree Vision

NOVEMBER 2017 – Exhibition events in Pimlico

APRIL 2018 – Meeting of PNF and AGM

DECEMBER 2018 – Westminster informal City Plan consultation and Forum response

MAY 2019 – Meeting of PNF and AGM

JUNE 2019 – Westminster formal City Plan consultation

SUMMER 2019 – Reg 14 consultation starts for Pimlico Neighbourhood Plan 2019-2040

SEPTEMBER 2020 – No AGM due to Covid-19, publication of PNF Annual Report

MAY 2021 – PNF Submits Reg 16 Plan to Westminster

SUMMER 2021Westminster’s consultation (“Reg 16”) on PNF Plan

OCTOBER 2021 – Annual General Meeting of PNF 

OCTOBER 2021 – Independent Examination starts

JULY 2021 – Following the Independent Examination Report, the Forum and Westminster City Council agree the final version of the Plan

22 SEPTEMBER 2022 – Referendum of all the persons on the Electoral Register within the Neighbourhood Area with the following question: “Do you want Westminster City Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Pimlico to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”